Perhaps the most comprehensive guide to choosing the best flight simulator games online today. You’ll discover the essential tips and vital elements you must look for when decided on which new flight simulator is for you.

Learn what makes a flight simulator great and how to spot those low-quality imitators. Save your time, effort and perhaps even your money by reading this guide. If you’re genuinely interested in finding the best flight simulators available, this in-depth article is a ‘must-read’!


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While we might pride ourselves on being one of the best flight simulator news sites online, we're also always happy to pay credit where it's due. Fans of flight simulator games now have the option of getting their news, reviews, videos and more from a second source!

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Important Things to Remember When Choosing a Flight Simulator Game

There are a whole host of new plane simulator games available to play these days so spotting the difference between a lackluster game and an entertaining one can get a little tricky.

That’s why I’ve established this site; the aim is to provide the best articles and information so when you decide to buy a new flight simulator, you know exactly what to look for and what to avoid. 

Start reading now to learn all you need to know to make an informed decision!


You’ve probably read or heard someone talk about Virtual Pilot 3D War Thunder on PC which isn’t surprising considering it is one of the most popular, high quality free flight simulator games that have ever been released.

After reading a few ‘fluffy’ reviews of the game online, I decided to roll up my sleeves and properly review it myself.

If you’ve been curious about the game that won 'Best Simulation Game' in 2013 then you should take a minute to read the review that has been put together by someone who has actually downloaded, installed and played the game!


Where to Watch Exclusive PC Flight Simulator Demos

There’s only one way to get a real understanding of how great a certain PC Flight Simulator truly and that is to SEE it in action.

Screenshots no longer cut the mustard so I’ve compiled some fantastic flight simulator demos and put them on this site to give you an insight into just how realistic these games can be these days!

Look closely and you’ll even find exclusive links that grant you unrestricted access to even more in-game demos which showcase the best flight simulator for PC that will leave you wanting to take the skies ASAP!
The Best Flight Simulator Blog

Do you want to read about awesome at-home flight simulator set ups? Feel like weighing in on the keyboard verses joystick debate?

The Best Flight Sim blog online – if I do say so myself - is a place for fans who love a good flight simulator game to share their thoughts on my thoughts. I tackle everything flight sim-related and provide readers with a totally different insight into the genre. 

Ever wonder what makes flight simulator games better than Mario games; read my blog to find out!

There’s only one thing better than the best flight simulator and that’s the best flight simulator when it’s on sale! If a developer offers an exclusive offer or discount on a particular flight sim, this is the place you’ll find it.

If you’re a pilot on a budget and your wallet is keeping you grounded then be sure to keep your eyes peeled and check back regularly to ensure you’re getting the best flight simulator game discounts available!


Being a flight simulator fanatic for almost two decades, I’ve had hands-on experience with some of the greatest (as well as some of the worst,) flight simulator games ever to be released.

With a head full of flight sim knowledge and a passion to share my opinions and experiences with other virtual pilots I had little choice but to launch this site and spread the word about this great genre!

Learn more about the mind behind the curtain by exploring the best flight simulator for PC site and reading my ‘About Me’ page now!
Don't Forget...

Important Things to Remember About Choosing Flight Simulator Games: (These are all covered in a lot more detail in the article below so if you're looking for the best flight simulator game, keep reading!)

  • Realism is vital - it can make-or-break your enjoyment of a flight simulator game!

  • It's fine to buy a slightly more expensive flight simulator if it is your first choice and offers great value. It usually works out cheaper than paying for several low-quality alternatives.

  • Don't be fooled by fancy sales-talk; make sure the flight simulator you choose has substance and provides complete in-game freedom

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