About Me

If I can remember correctly I was around 25 years old when I first discovered my love for flight simulator games. I’d been a console video game player all of my life up until that point and had never even seen so much as a flight simulator demo.

Since then I’ve played countless variations of the flight simulator game; some free, others paid for, some high-quality and others downright terrible.

The main reason for setting up a sight dedicated to showcasing my opinion on the Best Flight Simulator is a pretty straight-forward one: I want everyone to love the genre as much as I do!

The best flight simulator for PC – when done right – can provide a feeling of escapism that I’ve not experienced in any other video game medium. 

When the graphics are polished, the controls are life-like and accurately recreated and the scenery appears to be crystal clear then I honestly believe there’s no gaming experience in the world that can bring you closer to actually being up in the air.

I’m hoping that my humble site can educate newcomers and established flight simulator game fans alike as to what they should be expecting from the industry in the current day and age. 

There are no excuses anymore for a new flight simulator to have low-quality graphics or to provide the player with a glitch-riddled, inorganic flight experience.

Please, take a moment to look around the site and soak in my thoughts on what exact goes into making the best flight sim and swing by my blog to keep up-to-date with all the best flight simulator news, articles and opinion pieces that you could possibly ever need.

Thank you for joining me on my site, I sincerely hope you enjoy you stay and take something away from the pages that I can assure you I’m pouring my heart and soul into each and every day.

I'll see you in the skies,


PS. Before you jump straight into a new flight experience, take a look at my links page to read some VITAL tips you should keep in mind while choosing a flight simulator game!

PPS. A sincere thank you has to be sent out to the team at flightsimheaven.com for all of the support and help that they've provided to us throughout our journey. If you haven't yet seen some of Alex's work then please, don't hesitate to visit them because the standard of gaming journalism that the team over at Flight Sim Heaven provide is really fantastic.

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