Buying a New Flight Simulator and Getting the Best Value

Posted by Darcy on October 14, 2013 at 2:25 AM

When you’re buying a new flight simulator game there are a few things that you should keep your eyes peeled for in order to ensure the title you decide on is the best suited for you and your virtual aviation needs!

With such a large spike in flight simulator games that are currently available on the market these days, sorted the rubbish ones for the gems can be a little more time consuming than it once was and the margin for error is a lot higher.

To avoid the lemons altogether then you should really know what to look for when buying a new flight simulator so I thought I’d share with you some pointers to make sure that you’re headed in the right direction.

new flight simulator boarding pass

The very first thing you need to look out for is a good, diverse line up of aircraft that’s available for you to climb into. Far too many games these days will sell you the bare bones of a title and then demand that you flesh those bones out with additional downloadable add-ons. More often than not these additional ‘packs’ and ‘updates’ are not worth the money you pay for them and really, is it too much to expect that the game we pay for these days is actually the game we get?

Unfortunately as much as we love the flight simulator genre, it is not immune from some greedy developers trying to squeeze you for every addition dollar that you have in your wallet. You should make sure that the game you decide to buy contains a sizeable amount of planes to begin with that come as standard.

To avoid getting bent over a barrel, you’re going to want to get at LEAST 100 aircraft – a mix of helicopters, planes and gliders – for your initial purchase price. This is regardless of whether or not you’re buying the base or deluxe version of the game!

Fans of flight simulator games are blessed at the moment because the large amount of choice that we have available to us means that we’re able to pick and choose the games we buy very selectively and are usually lucky to play some truly wonderful titles. Unless we’re careful, however, and follow the tips laid out in this article then there is a chance you might end up spending your money on a terrible flight sim and that, needless to say, should be avoided wherever possible.

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Accessing Our Flight Simulator Games Online is a No-Brainer

Posted by Darcy on October 6, 2013 at 7:30 AM

The idea of purchasing a video game online was foreign to most of us not that long ago. Just before eBay swarmed into our lives and reassured us that making purchases over the World Wide Web wasn’t only super convenient but also incredibly safe, we were forced to trek into video game stores and malls to pick up the latest flight simulator offerings.

Whilst this method had its charms there is no denying that is was a bit of a mission and it really restricted fans of flight simulator games – and all video games in general, really – from being able to access a vast variety of titles and to have them at the click (or two) of a button.

Buying a flight simulator game online is now the on-trend way to do things; the more technology-savvy we become as a society, the more we embrace the concept of streamlining the way we make purchases in our everyday lives.

This evolution is fantastic for fans of the flight simulator genre for a whole host of reasons.

flight simulator games online

Firstly, we’re not able to access and download the latest plane simulator games at literally any time of day from anywhere around the world. We don’t need to reply on retail stores to be open and trading and malls to be nearby; we can literally get our hands on a new flight simulator game and be playing it within minutes.

An additional benefit to the online availability of these games is the amount of money we save when it comes to purchasing them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that purchasing things online is almost always a hell of a lot cheaper than buying them in store.

Alex Travolta, editor-in-chief at Flight Sim Heaven was recently quoted as saying, "It seems almost impossible now for modern PC gamers to justify buying their flight simulator games anywhere other than online."

Retail owners and video game developers have to face overhead costs like rent, shipping, packaging and more and all of these factors only drive up the overall cost that you, me and all other flight simulator fans like us have to pay if we want to take to the skies.

By selling their product online and effectively cutting out the middle man – in this case, it’s the retailer – the developer saves quite a bit of money and that saving is then relayed onto the consumer, meaning we pay a significantly smaller amount if we opt to buy our plane simulator games online.

It almost seems like a no-brainer now, doesn’t it?

How to Find the Best PC Flight Simulator

Posted by Darcy on August 30, 2013 at 10:55 PM

How to Find the Best PC Flight Simulator

With so many flight simulator games available on the market, PC gamers are sometimes a little confused when it comes to finding the best PC flight simulator to suit their needs.


Advanced, veterans of the genre are looking to an enormous amount of challenge and high-end graphics whilst beginners are looking for something that is packed with realism but is also accessible enough that they can learn the ropes without being punished too much for lack of experience.


No matter which category you fit into, here are some tips that will hopefully help you find the best PC flight simulator to suit your needs!

best pc flight simulator plane

Don't Ever Sacrifice Quality

Beginners searching for a new flight simulator could be forgiven for focusing mainly on the plane simulator games that have a reputation for being a little easier to ‘pick up and play.’


It’s important, however, to never choose a flight simulator that lacks the vital elements like realism, a large range of aircraft to choose from and real-world cockpit models.


You’ll become more experienced and talented as a virtual pilot the more you play and eventually, the difficulty level won’t factor into your mind at all.


When you’re looking to find the best pc flight simulator – especially if you’re purchasing for the first time – don’t ever sacrifice quality because it’ll come back to haunt you and ruin your enjoyment levels later on!

Consider the Opinions of Other Flight Sim Fans

When trying to decide on which is the best PC flight simulator, one of the most reliable methods has always been to seek out the opinions of other players.


After all, you can read as many reviews as you like – and believe me, there are a lot of them out there – but very little compares with the thoughts and insights of people who have actually had hands-on experience with the games you’re thinking about picking up.


If you have friends or family who are also PC gamers who enjoy flight simulator games then asking them is a fantastic place to start. If you don’t, you could always turn to specific flight simulator game forums online to escape the ‘sales-speak’ of some reviews and get the truth about certain plane simulator games.



Finding the Best PC Flight Simulator Comes Down to Personal Taste

It’s important to ‘do your homework’ prior to purchasing any PC games. Seeking out the opinions of other gamers and ensure that you place a large emphasis on the overall features and qualities of the game you’re looking at is important.


When all is said and done, however, finding the best PC flight simulator can come down to personal taste.


If you’re into combat flight simulator games then you’re not going to fall in love with a flight simulator that is specifically tailored towards helicopter simulations, right?


The ‘best pc flight simulator’ is the flight simulator that suits your needs and puts forward all of the features you want to get out of your experience with the game.


Making up your mind can be difficult but don’t take everyone else’s word for it – sometimes finding the ‘best’ game can only be achieved through getting your own hands-on experience!



A Fantastic Alternative to Mindlessly Violent Games

Posted by Darcy on April 29, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Recently I wrote a guest post for an extremely popular online gaming blog; I was asked to pen an article about violence in video games. I didn’t want to go down the same road as most of these articles go – preaching about the sins of the video game medium and how it’s polluting the mind of this generation’s youth – so I bucked the trend and focused on some positive points instead.

flight simulator games for pc with no violence


Most of these articles you read nowadays are all about finger-pointing and playing the ‘blame game.’ I took a different approach and turned the focus to a more uplifting topic – the benefits of pc flight simulator games!


Let’s just get this opinion of mine right out of the way early on in the piece; I think the response to kids and video game violence is mostly an overreaction. There is no doubting, however, that there are some games out there that have been designed violently simply for the shock value in an attempt to sell more video games to gore-fanatics and to patch over game play flaws, hoping no one will notice them.


This article I wrote turned to spotlight firmly onto the flight simulator genre because it highlighted just how engrossing and entertaining and video and PC game franchise or genre can be in the modern era of entertainment, even without all the blood and guts!


Flight simulator games for PC are not only fantastic value for money in terms of entertainment hours provided per dollar, but they’re also a great advertisement for a game stimulating the average player far beyond pushing the same two buttons over and over again.


Think about it for a moment; just how much do you actually get out of being a flight simulator fan?


I know, speaking only for myself, I’ve found that flight simulators can assist you with everything from increasing your patience right through to encouraging lateral thinking. Considering the fact that so many aircraft in new flight simulators are so lovingly recreated, piloting them takes a great deal of focus and expertise that only practice and a wise head can achieve.


Add to all of this the fact that a flight sim can be extraordinarily entertaining – offering literally hundreds of hours of game play – all without a single drop of blood being shed and it’s easy to see why I consider these games to be such a hallmark of the industry!


If you’ve got teenagers – or even if you are a teenager yourself who is reading this – spread the word about just how brilliant flight simulators are and how incredibly well the stand up against their console rivals!


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New Features for a New Flight Simulator

Posted by Darcy on April 26, 2013 at 5:25 AM

It isn’t easy to find a flight simulator game that is perfect; in fact, most people would argue that the perfect game hasn’t yet been created. Some have come very, very close but as it stands, no title has received the virtual ‘10 out of 10’ score from the flight simulator community.


There is a game that comes extraordinarily close, however, and the thing that sets it apart from the rest of the back – its many, various competitors within the genre – is the huge array of features that it offers players right from the very beginning.


Some flight simulators games will give you the bare bones, especially those which are free to download or are destined to play in your browser while on a lunch break at work. They’re very basic and aren’t designed to blow your mind but instead exist to keep you entertained for a few hours here and there.


If you’re searching for a more in-depth flight simulation experience though, you’re going to have to look for a much more in-depth game.


Simply jumping into the cockpit of a few planes shouldn’t be good enough in your eyes – set the standard higher than that!


When you’re deciding on which new flight simulator games are for you, keep an eye out for these relatively new features:


• Real-Time Weather Updates – An incredibly well thought out detail that keeps you immersed and involved with your virtual flight journey more than just about any other feature.


• Reasonable PC Specs – You don’t want to have to rebuild your entire PC from scratch just to enjoy a flight; the best flight simulator has reasonable specs that mean its playable on a large variety of computers while still remaining a stunning game in terms of visuals and graphics.


• Aircraft and Airports – A handful of planes isn’t good enough anymore; if you’re looking at a flight simulator that delivers any less than 200 planes and aircraft then you’re looking at the wrong game!


• Free Updates for Life – Don’t get suckered into constantly shelling out more and more of your hard-earned money for additional planes, airports and scenery. Make sure the flight sim you buy comes with free software updates for life.

new flight simulator features 

Many new flight simulator games have a small of features that make them stand out and makes them ‘must play’ titles but very few have all of them in one.


The flight simulator I’m playing at the moment might not be ‘perfect’ but in my opinion it’s hands-down the closest thing to perfect flight simulation that I’ve ever played!


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Why the Best Flight Simulator Crashes Make Me Smile

Posted by Darcy on April 16, 2013 at 4:05 AM

I’ll admit that I do get a kick out of something a little strange when it comes to playing flight simulator games.


Everyone knows just how (seemingly) infinite the replay and entertainment value is in these types of games; you can fly anywhere in the world, land in over 25,000 airports and can choose from literally hundreds and hundreds of aircraft to pilot.


Keeping that in mind it does come across a little odd when I share with my friends and family who are also flight simulator game lovers that part of the experience I get the most enjoyment (and the most laughs,) from is recording and watching my most epic crashes!


I know what you’re sitting there thinking; ‘Darcy, you’re out of your mind! Crashing is the most FRUSTRATING thing to happen in a flight simulator!”

best flight simulator crashes


You’re certainly not wrong there; crashing can be a nightmare, especially when you’re just learning the ropes of a new sim and it feels like you’re never going to master the aircraft you want to fly. Trust me though, if you’re willing to have a chuckle at your on-screen mistakes then you’ll begin to notice how truly ‘Hollywood’ a lot of the ‘crash and burn’ scenarios can be!


A lot of the best flight simulator titles now offer recording your flights and saving them for viewing later on. This feature is obviously included to help you study your previous journeys in order to hone your craft and become a better virtual pilot. You shouldn’t look past the temptation to use this feature for a bit of a chuckle, however, if you do end up falling unexpectedly out of the sky.


Nobody likes to put their foot in it and fail while out on a virtual flight, especially one that has been going for a while, but next time you find yourself in a tricky situation that doesn’t end the way you would have hoped, don’t just delete the resulting clip in anger; take a look and have a laugh or two.


After all, it’s only a game...right?


What are you like when it comes to unexpected and premature landings? Do you fly off (pardon the pun,) in a rage or do you simply accept (and perhaps even admire) the massive mess that you’ve managed to make?


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Where to Fly in Flight Simulator Games

Posted by Darcy on April 15, 2013 at 5:35 AM

One of the more appealing aspects of a great flight simulator can be found in the fact that it presents its players with the ability to visit almost anywhere in the world.


The vast majority – if not all of the top-line flight simulators available now have an ‘open world’ type set up where you can literally plot a course and pilot any aircraft of your choosing to any number of brilliant, breath-taking and real-life locations. We’re no longer limited to enjoying the scenery of fictitious landscapes.


Naturally with so much variety available to those who take part in the airplane simulator experience, it can be a little tricky to decide exactly where it is you’d like to fly first.


Are you the type of pilot that wants to make a direct path to the Eifel Tower in Paris, France?


Maybe you’re more of a history buff and you’d like to use your freshly laminated virtual pilot’s license to take you over the pyramids in Egypt?


Perhaps you’d just a kick out of flying around your local area – imagine flying a plane over your own home! Flight simulator games have opened that surreal experience and have placed it directly within reach.


The beautiful thing about this genre of games is the nowadays, you’re not restricted to visiting the most memorable and noteworthy landmarks. It is entirely possible for you to pick any town, at random and go and visit it via your PC or laptop. The variety of locations that have been introduced to flight sim titles – even just over the last 5 or so years – is stunning. When you add to all of that the fact that graphics are crisper and more vivid than even and you’re in for a real treat no matter where you choose to go.

where to fly in flight simulator games


For those playing at home and wondering where my favourite place to fly is, I’m more than happy to share that with you.


It might be a clichéd and some people might debate with me, however, as far as I’m concerned there is nothing more exciting and breathtaking in a flight sim than to take to the skies and fly over the amazing Las Vegas at night time. If you’re a flight simulator player who is new to the genre, please do yourself a favour and make it one of the first things you do. If you’re a long-time player and haven’t visited, then you have a new destination just waiting for you to take flight!


Everyone has their opinions and I’d love to know more about yours! Where is your favourite virtual location to visit? Is there anywhere that you’d like to fly but haven’t yet gotten around to it? Let me know!


Learn more about the staggering amount of locations available to visit in flight simulators nowadays, head on over to my links/resources page right now!


Combat or Traditional - Which Flight Simulator Game Style Do You Rather?

Posted by Darcy on March 13, 2013 at 2:10 AM

The whole flight simulator genre is a relatively small subculture when you compare it to other video game categories including shooters, role playing games and, of course, the hugely popular MMO section of the gaming community.


Despite its popularity – which, considering you’re here on this site is not something I need to remind you about – it is still a rather small niche.


That makes the fact that there is an obvious divide between flight simulator game fans even funnier in my eyes.


You see, there are a whole group of fans who love the traditional style of flight simulator; the accurate recreation of the controls and cockpits and the pin-point detail of the scenery. These are the flight sim fans who love the purity that the games offer.


Then you have a slightly different breed of flight sim fans – hence the reference to another subculture – who are more into the new flight simulator games which, more often than not, often a whole bunch of multiplayer options and focus heavily on combat elements and mid-air dogfights in jets and army planes.


Naturally there isn’t one side of the coin which is more valid than the other but I do always get a chuckle out of hearing some of my friends and colleagues argue about which style of flight simulator game is the champion. I’ve heard people argue until they were practically blue in the face about which title was the best flight simulator but it’s never gone much beyond that.


In case you’re wondering, I’m probably more of a fan of the traditional standard of game play with a flight simulator; perhaps that’s because I like to just relax when I’m flying and the slower pace always me to switch my mind off to the outside world.

new flight simulator player preferences


I’m certainly not discounting how fun the combat element of the flight simulator genre can be either, however, because I’ve had some amazing multiplayer experiences with my buddies as well as other fans from around the globe.


It’s entirely possible to support/adore both of the elements equally but I’ve found that most people tend to prefer one style above the other.


This, obviously, leads me to my main question:


Which side are you on?

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Would You Pay for Flight Simulator Games for PC and Additional Content?

Posted by Darcy on March 6, 2013 at 6:40 AM

I’ve been a PC gamer for the most part for my entire life and have only really ever dabbled in console gaming. I haven’t ever been drawn into consoles the way that I have with PCs so when I was having a conversation with a friend recently who is an avid console gamer, I was enthralled to learn about some difficulties they’re having at the moment with pre-owned games within the industry.

flight simulator games additional content


Apparently because pre-owned games are such a big drawcard in the market (remembering the purchasing games and downloading them directly is still a relatively new concept on consoles when compared to PC,) developers are starting to create ‘access codes’ that are one-off and exclusive to the original purchase of the game in question. These codes give the original buyer access to online content and multiplayer options but expire after its initial use. This means that people buying the game second hand have to then pay again to buy a new ‘access code’ if they want to play the game online.


I thought that this was a good idea on the behalf of developers in order to keep earning on their game but, honestly, I think that the entire thing is a little silly to begin with. I could never imagine flight simulator games for PC charging additional fees and stuff to play online if you were to buy the game second hand. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d probably shell out the money if the online features were good enough but I think the consoles have it all wrong by locking their players into these situations.


After my conversation I was even gladder than I usually am to be a PC gamer. I love the idea that I can take the best flight simulator that’s available on the market today – as far as I’m concerned – and install it on as many of my computers as I like, allowing me online access and free updates for life, all without having to pay an additional dime.


As far as I can see this is just another shining example of why flight simulator/PC fans are the smartest gamers out there!



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A MAJOR Tip for Mastering the Best Flight Simulator Experience

Posted by Darcy on February 17, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Flight simulator games can be and usually are very frustrating to begin with. There is no shame in admitting that and I don’t think it takes anything away from the genre by declaring that to be true for most newcomers. The controls can be really daunting (especially on the better simulators that boast accurately recreated cockpits) and the overall flying experience takes some getting used to.


I can’t stress enough, however, that these are the things that make a flight simulator game so enjoyable to begin with! Sure, it can get under your skin when things do go to plan straight away but by sticking with it and polishing your skills; you become a much better virtual pilot as a result.


That brings me to the MAJOR tip that I have to offer all of the newcomers to the flight simulator community and to those who have been around for a while yet am not enjoying the games to the fullest just yet:


Make FULL USE of the in-game tutorials!

best flight simulator tutorials


To the more experienced flight simulator enthusiasts reading this, that might sound like a no-brainer but I’m absolutely staggered by how many of my friends have been talked into playing the best flight simulator (by me, of course) and have given up after no more than an hour of playtime because they claimed that it was ‘too hard,’ or ‘something they just can’t master.’


I often stare back in amazement at these kinds of statements.


“Of course you can’t master it in 45 minutes you goof,” I think to myself!


Developers of flight simulator games go to extreme lengths to make tutorials incredibly detailed. It wasn’t too long ago that these guides were printed in the cover jacket or online only but now, each individual aircraft has its own guided tutorial that holds your hand (if you want) and guides you through the process of turning from a novice into an expert pilot for that specific aircraft.


If you’ve played a flight simulator game and haven’t dedicated a good, solid few hours (at the very least) to polishing your skills via the in-game tutorials then you’re doing yourself an enormous disservice! Go back and take the time to learn the skills you’ll need to help you get the most out of these games.


If you’re yet to play a flight simulator but are hoping to have the best flight simulator experience then follow my MAJOR TIP from day #1 and get stuck into the awesome tutorials; they’ll make the world of difference!

P.S. Learn more about how in-game tutorials and how they aid your flying experience via my links/resources page now!


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