A Fantastic Alternative to Mindlessly Violent Games

Posted by Darcy on April 29, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Recently I wrote a guest post for an extremely popular online gaming blog; I was asked to pen an article about violence in video games. I didn’t want to go down the same road as most of these articles go – preaching about the sins of the video game medium and how it’s polluting the mind of this generation’s youth – so I bucked the trend and focused on some positive points instead.

flight simulator games for pc with no violence


Most of these articles you read nowadays are all about finger-pointing and playing the ‘blame game.’ I took a different approach and turned the focus to a more uplifting topic – the benefits of pc flight simulator games!


Let’s just get this opinion of mine right out of the way early on in the piece; I think the response to kids and video game violence is mostly an overreaction. There is no doubting, however, that there are some games out there that have been designed violently simply for the shock value in an attempt to sell more video games to gore-fanatics and to patch over game play flaws, hoping no one will notice them.


This article I wrote turned to spotlight firmly onto the flight simulator genre because it highlighted just how engrossing and entertaining and video and PC game franchise or genre can be in the modern era of entertainment, even without all the blood and guts!


Flight simulator games for PC are not only fantastic value for money in terms of entertainment hours provided per dollar, but they’re also a great advertisement for a game stimulating the average player far beyond pushing the same two buttons over and over again.


Think about it for a moment; just how much do you actually get out of being a flight simulator fan?


I know, speaking only for myself, I’ve found that flight simulators can assist you with everything from increasing your patience right through to encouraging lateral thinking. Considering the fact that so many aircraft in new flight simulators are so lovingly recreated, piloting them takes a great deal of focus and expertise that only practice and a wise head can achieve.


Add to all of this the fact that a flight sim can be extraordinarily entertaining – offering literally hundreds of hours of game play – all without a single drop of blood being shed and it’s easy to see why I consider these games to be such a hallmark of the industry!


If you’ve got teenagers – or even if you are a teenager yourself who is reading this – spread the word about just how brilliant flight simulators are and how incredibly well the stand up against their console rivals!


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Why the Best Flight Simulator Crashes Make Me Smile

Posted by Darcy on April 16, 2013 at 4:05 AM

I’ll admit that I do get a kick out of something a little strange when it comes to playing flight simulator games.


Everyone knows just how (seemingly) infinite the replay and entertainment value is in these types of games; you can fly anywhere in the world, land in over 25,000 airports and can choose from literally hundreds and hundreds of aircraft to pilot.


Keeping that in mind it does come across a little odd when I share with my friends and family who are also flight simulator game lovers that part of the experience I get the most enjoyment (and the most laughs,) from is recording and watching my most epic crashes!


I know what you’re sitting there thinking; ‘Darcy, you’re out of your mind! Crashing is the most FRUSTRATING thing to happen in a flight simulator!”

best flight simulator crashes


You’re certainly not wrong there; crashing can be a nightmare, especially when you’re just learning the ropes of a new sim and it feels like you’re never going to master the aircraft you want to fly. Trust me though, if you’re willing to have a chuckle at your on-screen mistakes then you’ll begin to notice how truly ‘Hollywood’ a lot of the ‘crash and burn’ scenarios can be!


A lot of the best flight simulator titles now offer recording your flights and saving them for viewing later on. This feature is obviously included to help you study your previous journeys in order to hone your craft and become a better virtual pilot. You shouldn’t look past the temptation to use this feature for a bit of a chuckle, however, if you do end up falling unexpectedly out of the sky.


Nobody likes to put their foot in it and fail while out on a virtual flight, especially one that has been going for a while, but next time you find yourself in a tricky situation that doesn’t end the way you would have hoped, don’t just delete the resulting clip in anger; take a look and have a laugh or two.


After all, it’s only a game...right?


What are you like when it comes to unexpected and premature landings? Do you fly off (pardon the pun,) in a rage or do you simply accept (and perhaps even admire) the massive mess that you’ve managed to make?


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Why PC Flight Simulator Games List Their Features

Posted by Darcy on March 12, 2013 at 4:10 PM

There is little worse than raising your expectations up only to be disappointed in the long run. I’ve had this happen to me a lot in the past – as I’m sure many of you have too – when it comes to the pending release of a video game that has been hotly anticipated.


It’s no secret that I’ve played several PC flight simulator games across the journey but they haven’t been the titles that have ever really let me down that much; with a flight simulator you kind of know what you’re going to get.


Console games are an entirely different animal, however, and I think that’s a reason why I’ve always preferred to shy away from them a little in the past in exchange for the good old PC games.


You know how the story goes, right?


Developer hypes a new title coming out and more-or-less describes it as the second coming. They spruik revolutionary graphics, epic storylines and a whole host of other features that almost sound too good to be true and, sadly, often turn out to be exactly that.


I’m not the type of bitter person who is going to tell you that all console releases disappoint, that’d be crazy but I feel that there is more than enough evidence at hand to prove the PC Games, flight simulator games in particular, have a better track record when it comes to delivering exactly what they say that do.


inside pc flight simulator game

Take a look at the virtual pilot 3D review on this site, for example. This title is extremely forward in what it offers and doesn’t try to keep anything up its sleeve in an attempt to pull off some marketing ploy. You know right from the beginning there are literally hundreds of planes, thousands of airports and a whole plethora of other features. You know this because it’s all there in black and white, as presented by the people who release the game.


I suppose I just prefer to know exactly what I am getting when I buy a new game as opposed to having to squint to see through all the smoke and mirrors.


Do you agree?

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Airplane Simulator Configuration Is No Longer An Excuse

Posted by Darcy on February 16, 2013 at 12:05 AM

Configuring your PC is one of the more common problems that newcomers to the flight simulator genre have. It isn’t uncommon for most games to require you to tweak your overall setup just a little bit to achieve optimal gaming results but for some, when it happens with a flight sim they freak out a little as they feel they’re going to need to do an entire overhaul to get their airplane simulator running smoothly.


If you’re one of those video game enthusiasts who are new to the flight simulator genre then please, don’t get intimidated by the titles that are available on the market today. It is true that they boast sensational graphics and can really look amazing on your computer monitor but very few of them put the strain on your hardware like they once did in the past.


Flight simulator developers have gotten really good in the past decade at getting the most out of just a little. When it comes to system requirements most of the better titles now take a ‘less is more’ approach and they don’t require you to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for hardware updates.


The great thing is that the flight sim community is growing by the day and that’s because computers are a lot more capable than they once were – even the stock standard laptop is capable of running the best flight simulator in most cases.

Airplane Simulator Configuration


If you are considering picking up a fresh flight simulator title then yes, you should absolutely do the wise thing and check if your specs are up to scratch – you should do that with any PC game that you’re planning to buy – but don’t shy away from a flight simulator game just because you think it requires the world in terms of graphics cards and memory because that, for the most part, is a thing of the part.


Airplane simulator games can be enjoyed by so many people now that you can’t use your computer’s specs are an excuse for not joining the party any more!



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Picking A Plane Flight Simulator

Posted by Darcy on February 13, 2013 at 12:25 AM

If you’re in the market for a flight simulator then you’ve no doubt waded through a series of different websites that claim to have information on a particular product that they insist is the only product out there on the market that deserves your time, attention and most importantly (to them at least,) your money.


Truth is though that while these sites are great at promoting one, particular product, very few of them actually take the time to educate you as a visitor. They’re solely focused on ensuring that the plane flight simulator you decide purchase is the one that they’re going to profit from.


I pride myself on running a site that is, first and foremost, designed to celebrate flight simulator games as a genre and to bring together fans of these fantastic games. I make no secret about the fact there is one, particular flight simulator that I am enjoying more so than any other at the moment but at the same time, I’ll never claim that it is the only one available and that you absolutely must buy it if you want to experience some fun, aviation action.


A few regular readers have even noticed that I refrain from mentioning the name of my favourite plane flight simulator anywhere on my site other than on the links/resources page. I do this deliberately because, as I mentioned earlier, the purpose of this site as far as I’m concerned is to educate newcomers to the flight simulator community. I want those people – as well as long-standing flight sim fans – to know exactly what the state of the genre is these days and what they can come to expect from a flight sim title when they purchase it.


Choosing the best flight simulator for you isn’t about going to a site and having a whole bunch of flashing banners and misleading links push you into a purchase. It is about learning what to look for in terms of features, benefits and price and then making an educated, wise decision.


I hope that my site will help you in that regard.





How to Get the Most out of Your PC Flight Simulator

Posted by Darcy on February 6, 2013 at 1:15 AM

When people play a flight simulator for the first time (ever or even just after a long break from the genre,) more often they not they come in with a head full of steam, extremely eager to fly as much planes as they can, as soon as possible.


I’ve spoken to a lot of friends and colleagues (mostly flight simulator game first-timers,) who have fallen into this trap and in my opinion, it is one of the most common mistakes newcomers make and it usually leads to them becoming disenchanted with flight simulators. They throw their hands up and declare that the game is ‘too hard’ and that ‘all they want to do is fly.’


Having heard that so many times recently, I wanted to just take a minute to write a blog post, directed at the readers out there who perhaps haven’t tried a flight simulator yet, that will ideally help them get the most out of their PC flight simulator experiences.


It comes down to three words, really: take it slow.


Seriously, it’s incredibly tempting when you start up your new flight simulator game to think about jumping into the cockpit of as many aircraft as you can. I’ve found that the best approach, however, is to just keep your cool and take your time. Pick a plane and dedicate yourself to learning how to fly that one particular plane perfectly. Put in the patience and work required and by the time you’ve mastered everything involved between taking off at Point A and landing at Point B, you’ll have developed an appreciation for the nuances of the genre that most fly-by-night virtual pilots miss out on.


Once you’ve mastered one plane, then you should go out and experiment with the feel of some more. Most of the best flight simulator games now offer 200+ aircraft to choose from so there is no way that you’re going to run out of options any time soon. You’ll appreciate climbing into your second, third and forth aircraft much, much more if you take the time early one to get the basics down.


I know it might sound painfully simple but you’ve honestly be taken aback by how many people don’t do this. They whiz in, jump in 20 planes, get annoying when they can’t master them all in 15 minutes and then go back to their mindless shooter games. It’s a tragedy because they’re missing out on so much.


Here’s hoping that this post inspires a newcomer to the genre to just slow down a bit and savour the experience. The best way to get the most out of your pc flight simulator is to ensure you take the time to enjoy the little things because, after all, that’s what the simulation genre is all about.



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