Where to Fly in Flight Simulator Games

Posted by Darcy on April 15, 2013 at 5:35 AM

One of the more appealing aspects of a great flight simulator can be found in the fact that it presents its players with the ability to visit almost anywhere in the world.


The vast majority – if not all of the top-line flight simulators available now have an ‘open world’ type set up where you can literally plot a course and pilot any aircraft of your choosing to any number of brilliant, breath-taking and real-life locations. We’re no longer limited to enjoying the scenery of fictitious landscapes.


Naturally with so much variety available to those who take part in the airplane simulator experience, it can be a little tricky to decide exactly where it is you’d like to fly first.


Are you the type of pilot that wants to make a direct path to the Eifel Tower in Paris, France?


Maybe you’re more of a history buff and you’d like to use your freshly laminated virtual pilot’s license to take you over the pyramids in Egypt?


Perhaps you’d just a kick out of flying around your local area – imagine flying a plane over your own home! Flight simulator games have opened that surreal experience and have placed it directly within reach.


The beautiful thing about this genre of games is the nowadays, you’re not restricted to visiting the most memorable and noteworthy landmarks. It is entirely possible for you to pick any town, at random and go and visit it via your PC or laptop. The variety of locations that have been introduced to flight sim titles – even just over the last 5 or so years – is stunning. When you add to all of that the fact that graphics are crisper and more vivid than even and you’re in for a real treat no matter where you choose to go.

where to fly in flight simulator games


For those playing at home and wondering where my favourite place to fly is, I’m more than happy to share that with you.


It might be a clichéd and some people might debate with me, however, as far as I’m concerned there is nothing more exciting and breathtaking in a flight sim than to take to the skies and fly over the amazing Las Vegas at night time. If you’re a flight simulator player who is new to the genre, please do yourself a favour and make it one of the first things you do. If you’re a long-time player and haven’t visited, then you have a new destination just waiting for you to take flight!


Everyone has their opinions and I’d love to know more about yours! Where is your favourite virtual location to visit? Is there anywhere that you’d like to fly but haven’t yet gotten around to it? Let me know!


Learn more about the staggering amount of locations available to visit in flight simulators nowadays, head on over to my links/resources page right now!


Airplane Simulator Configuration Is No Longer An Excuse

Posted by Darcy on February 16, 2013 at 12:05 AM

Configuring your PC is one of the more common problems that newcomers to the flight simulator genre have. It isn’t uncommon for most games to require you to tweak your overall setup just a little bit to achieve optimal gaming results but for some, when it happens with a flight sim they freak out a little as they feel they’re going to need to do an entire overhaul to get their airplane simulator running smoothly.


If you’re one of those video game enthusiasts who are new to the flight simulator genre then please, don’t get intimidated by the titles that are available on the market today. It is true that they boast sensational graphics and can really look amazing on your computer monitor but very few of them put the strain on your hardware like they once did in the past.


Flight simulator developers have gotten really good in the past decade at getting the most out of just a little. When it comes to system requirements most of the better titles now take a ‘less is more’ approach and they don’t require you to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for hardware updates.


The great thing is that the flight sim community is growing by the day and that’s because computers are a lot more capable than they once were – even the stock standard laptop is capable of running the best flight simulator in most cases.

Airplane Simulator Configuration


If you are considering picking up a fresh flight simulator title then yes, you should absolutely do the wise thing and check if your specs are up to scratch – you should do that with any PC game that you’re planning to buy – but don’t shy away from a flight simulator game just because you think it requires the world in terms of graphics cards and memory because that, for the most part, is a thing of the part.


Airplane simulator games can be enjoyed by so many people now that you can’t use your computer’s specs are an excuse for not joining the party any more!



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