Setting Up The Ideal Flight Simulator At Home Arrangement

Posted by Darcy on February 15, 2013 at 3:45 PM

A lot of how much you enjoy your flight simulator experiences comes down to how you’ve got your PC set up.


Now before you jump ahead and say, ‘Darcy, you’ve already done a post on PC setups before,’ just hear me out because I’m not talking about your actual hardware setup in terms of configuration but instead, I’m referring to how some players choose to set up their flight simulator gear.


From pedals, yokes and additional monitors the at-home flight simulator setup can truly be a sight to behold when you get it right and the first place that you should begin, as far as I’m concerned at least, is by purchasing a joystick to take you into the first step of your flight simulator immersion.

flight simulator at home


Now, when you play flight sims nowadays playing with the keyboard is entirely possible. The purpose of this post isn’t to sell you one particular joystick or another, but you will get a whole new level of enjoyment out of playing these games if you’ve got the hardware around you that makes you feel like you’re truly a part of the action.


The best setup in my opinion is this:


• Three LCD Monitors


• Ch Pedals


• Yoke


• High-End Joystick


Beginners won’t be able to or perhaps just won’t want to splash out and build this ‘ultimate setup’ right away because unless you’ve got a giant passion for the genre you might end up wasting your money if you find out it isn’t for you.


That’s what brings me back to my initial point (see how I went all 360 degrees on you there!) – a joystick is the ideal setup for a flight simulator fan, regardless of whether they’re a beginner or an advanced player who has been around for many years. They offer increased control, great immersion into the game and can really become second nature once you get used to them. They’ll elevate the best flight simulator games for pc to the greatest games on any platform!


So if you’re already in the air and want to add another level to your flights then jump online and find a suitable joystick now. You can start with the cheaper ones and work your way up or jump in head first if you think you’ll get your money’s worth straight away. There is no right or wrong joystick to buy and online reviews will help you a great deal when it comes to making a choice.


I’m heading back to my mini setup to take a flight now!




P.S. Learn more about getting the most out of your flight simulator experience; read my links/resources page now!

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