Cheap Flight Simulator Games for PC

Posted by Darcy on May 1, 2013 at 3:00 AM

When Microsoft Flight Simulator was first released all of those years ago, flight fans and wannabe pilots all across the world were beside themselves with excitement. Although the game doesn’t hold up too well by today’s standards – in fact, it in fairly basic to say the least – at the time it was the height of virtual flight experiences and it opened the minds of PC gamers around the world in terms of what they could come to expect in the future.


Fast forward to today and the genre is entirely different; the level of detail that is presented in flight simulator games for PC is almost unbelievable and the realism that you experience when you climb into the cockpit is unrivalled by most other games.


It wasn’t all that long ago that the only way that any of us could get the thrill and rush that can only be experienced by being a pilot was to, well, go out and become a pilot! You’d have to study up, sit your tests and get countless hours of experience under your belt.


What about the people who were just not up to it, though? How about those who didn’t have the right eyesight, reaction times or, heaven-forbid, were afraid of heights?


The best flight sim games have altered the video game landscape more than most people can possibly begin to understand and this level of innovation is why the genre has such a devoted and passionate fan-base!

flight simulator games for PC are cheap

Getting your pilot’s license takes a remarkable amount of effort and time - not to mention it also requires forking out an insane amount of money also.


Savouring the sights and adrenaline rush of being in the pilot’s seat, however, has never been cheaper and more satisfying now that it is well and truly available to everyone in the comfort of your own lounge room or study!


Microsoft flight simulator may have grown a little stale and dusty on the shelf over the years but those that have come after it – including wildly popular games like Virtual Pilot 3D – are giving everyone the chance to take to the skies.


If you’ve been on the fence about buying a flight simulator game previously then you’ve stumbled in at exactly the right time; getting into the cockpit of literally hundreds of aircraft has never been easier or more affordable.


Learn how to download the flight simulator games that will give you the most realistic experience by visiting the official Virtual Pilot 3D website now.

If you're new to these kinds of games and want to learn a little more before actually making a purchase then that's a wise decision. Perhaps the best place to get started is over at Flight Sim Heaven where the team have put together a fantastic beginners guide to airplane simulator games. It's perfectly suited to both newcomers and established pilots who are looking to brush up on the basics.



What Makes the Best Flight Sim Scenery So Great?

Posted by Darcy on February 22, 2013 at 8:10 PM

Scenery obviously plays an enormous role in any flight simulator as not only does it set the backdrop for each and every one of your journeys, but it is also one of the most important elements in determining how involved a player gets with a particular simulator and how real the overall experience feels for you.


In short; you need realistic scenery if you want a realistic flight simulator.

best flight sim scenery


Flight Simulator software has come along in leaps and bounds in the past few years with its digital modelling of locations, landscapes and backgrounds and Virtual Pilot 3D is just one really good example of what can be achieved when the developers of these games are ready and willing to use all of the tools and utilities that are available to them to inject the most reality possible.


The attention to detail that some of the best flight sim goes into is truly amazing when you consider what previous games used to look and feel like.


Real world scenery is painstakingly recreated in this simulator, so much so that even things like ground lighting in built up suburban areas as well as car headlights on major roadways are perfectly laid out and only go to further your involvement in the experience and build on that feeling that you’re actually up in the air for real.


All of that doesn’t even take into account the accurate approach lighting at all of the airports around the globe that are accessible to you or the warning tower lights that guide and protect you and your passengers.


If you’re looking for that final cherry on the top to convince you that this flight simulator is the real deal then look no further than the fact that unlike other flight simulator games, this title used 3D, real life terrain from Google Maps to achieve an ever more authentically-rich appearance.


Take a look at some of the screenshots to see for yourself. It doesn’t matter what flight sim you end up getting, just make sure that when you do purchase a title that it matches up to all of the things I’ve mentioned above because when all is said and done, realistic scenery is vital and cannot be ignored.




P.S. Learn more about the best flight simulator game scenery I've ever, um, seen - view my links/resources page now!

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