Play a Helicopter Simulator Game with Your Buddies

Posted by Darcy on March 4, 2013 at 1:05 AM

Despite still being only a relatively new concept, I know there is a lot of avid video game players out there today who simply can’t get into a game properly unless it has some sort of multiplayer element to it. This is even the case with lot of console titles and shooters as well as PC versions. Playing online with friends isn’t an added perk anymore, it is a part of the must have criteria and this is very much the case with everything from a modern FPS (first person shooter) through to a beloved helicopter simulator game.


If you happen to be one of the gamers like me who hinges their enjoyment of a title on whether or not you’re able to play it with your buddies (or even other random flight simulator fans,) then you’ll probably love one of the features I wrote about on my review page more than any of the others.


My favourite of the entire list of flight simulator games that are available on the market today offers a multiplayer network feature that pairs you with other virtual pilots from across the globes that are also playing online at the time and allows you to explore the world together which, in my opinion, is an incredible feature.


The pairing system utilizes a built-in Google Maps finder which allows you to easily identify the location of users near you whom may be interested in flying alongside you. If you’re looking for a wingman in your local area then this is the best way to go about it.

helicopter simulator game images


The absolute best part of the fact multiplayer exists in modern flight simulator games as far as I’m concerned; midair, adrenaline fuelled dog fights There is nothing more thrilling in the virtual flight simulator world than battling it out, midair, with a buddy while you’re both piloting some unbelievably powerful planes!



Learn which flight simulator games allow you to play online; visit my links/resources page now to read more!


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