Accessing Our Flight Simulator Games Online is a No-Brainer

Posted by Darcy on October 6, 2013 at 7:30 AM

The idea of purchasing a video game online was foreign to most of us not that long ago. Just before eBay swarmed into our lives and reassured us that making purchases over the World Wide Web wasn’t only super convenient but also incredibly safe, we were forced to trek into video game stores and malls to pick up the latest flight simulator offerings.

Whilst this method had its charms there is no denying that is was a bit of a mission and it really restricted fans of flight simulator games – and all video games in general, really – from being able to access a vast variety of titles and to have them at the click (or two) of a button.

Buying a flight simulator game online is now the on-trend way to do things; the more technology-savvy we become as a society, the more we embrace the concept of streamlining the way we make purchases in our everyday lives.

This evolution is fantastic for fans of the flight simulator genre for a whole host of reasons.

flight simulator games online

Firstly, we’re not able to access and download the latest plane simulator games at literally any time of day from anywhere around the world. We don’t need to reply on retail stores to be open and trading and malls to be nearby; we can literally get our hands on a new flight simulator game and be playing it within minutes.

An additional benefit to the online availability of these games is the amount of money we save when it comes to purchasing them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that purchasing things online is almost always a hell of a lot cheaper than buying them in store.

Alex Travolta, editor-in-chief at Flight Sim Heaven was recently quoted as saying, "It seems almost impossible now for modern PC gamers to justify buying their flight simulator games anywhere other than online."

Retail owners and video game developers have to face overhead costs like rent, shipping, packaging and more and all of these factors only drive up the overall cost that you, me and all other flight simulator fans like us have to pay if we want to take to the skies.

By selling their product online and effectively cutting out the middle man – in this case, it’s the retailer – the developer saves quite a bit of money and that saving is then relayed onto the consumer, meaning we pay a significantly smaller amount if we opt to buy our plane simulator games online.

It almost seems like a no-brainer now, doesn’t it?

Flight Simulator Software Used by Real-Life Pilots

Posted by Darcy on April 19, 2013 at 3:15 AM

The most common thing that people look for when they’re choosing a video game – and more specifically, a flight simulator – is the level of realism that is presented to them. The further technology evolves the more people are coming to expect from their entertainment mediums and flight simulators are absolutely no exception.


The encouraging thing about all of this, as far as plane simulator game fans are concerned at least, is that our favourite genre of game seems to be leading the pack in a lot of ways.

professional flight simulator software


A prime example of this is the ever-increasing amount of flight schools are using simulator training in order to assist aspiring pilots to get the amount of experience they need in order to take off and man an aircraft in a safe and effective manner. Needless to say, the sims used by these schools are a little more advanced than your average PC flying simulator games but there is no denying that even the versions you and I get to play are still well ahead of some of the other games out there on the market.


The similarities between a professional school’s flight simulator software and the games that you and I download and play are a lot more than an outsider might expect.


Just like in the professional training simulators, flying simulator games often feature expert recreations of the particular planes that are included in the game. Cockpits are created in the exact image of the real-world aircraft and a lot of the gear that are featured in the games are a replica of what genuine pilots operate on a daily basis.


If you’re searching for a video game experience that delivers realism that, if we’re being honest, hasn’t actually been seen all too much in the market thus far then you’re not going to be able to do much better than a flight simulator.


Attention to detail and loving recreations of professional instruments and aircraft are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what technology offers up for lovers of plane simulator games.


To learn more about a flight simulator used by real-life pilots then make sure you visit the links/resources page right now!


An Open Letter to People Who Don't 'Get' Plane Simulator Games

Posted by Darcy on April 18, 2013 at 1:55 AM

When I try and explain my adoration for virtual flying to the friends, family and co-workers I have who aren’t flight simulator fans they always seem to turn and look at me a little funny. They can understand why so many guys are hooked on football and hockey and even get the compulsion most women feel to hit up a sale or two at the mall, yet they seem to struggle with my loving these games so much.


I know that most of you who are visiting this site understand the appeal so this isn’t really a post that has been written for to sway your opinions or anything; you’ve already seen the light and jumped on board so to speak.


This post is going to serve more as an ‘Open Letter’ to all of the friends, colleagues and family members around the globe whom question your love for plane simulator games. Next time they ask you what you see in these ‘boring video games,’ feel free to direct them here so they can be schooled!

plane simulator games explained


Dear Non-Pilots,


Believe it or not, everyone finds joy in different things and it is this diversity that makes us all individuals.


You know the intense rush of adrenaline you receive when your team’s quarterback throws an unbelievable ‘hail Mary’ with seconds to go to steal a victory?


You know the giddy feeling you get when you pass a bargain that is almost too good to be true yet is sitting right there in front of you?


Well, that’s what we feel when we climb into the cockpit of an expertly recreated aircraft cockpit. These virtual planes take practice, patience and legitimate levels of skill to master and keep in the air. Excitement and enthusiasm doesn’t need to be restricted to things that mainstream people consider to be ‘cool.’


Flight simulator games might not be as widely recognized and adopted as Facebook and Twitter but they’re equally – if not more – entertaining then both of them put together.


If you want to know ‘what the fuss is all about’ regarding flight sims and why we love to escape into them, take a minute to click on the following link and look at the virtual pilot 3D review that I’ve penned exclusively for this site; you’ll quickly understand there is a lot more to this genre than the ‘boring video game’ you once thought it was!






Now if you guys want to pass this on to people you know, feel free! Once they’re convinced, get them to view the links/resources page so they too can be in the air ASAP!


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