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An Open Letter to People Who Don't 'Get' Plane Simulator Games

Posted by Darcy on April 18, 2013 at 1:55 AM

When I try and explain my adoration for virtual flying to the friends, family and co-workers I have who aren’t flight simulator fans they always seem to turn and look at me a little funny. They can understand why so many guys are hooked on football and hockey and even get the compulsion most women feel to hit up a sale or two at the mall, yet they seem to struggle with my loving these games so much.


I know that most of you who are visiting this site understand the appeal so this isn’t really a post that has been written for to sway your opinions or anything; you’ve already seen the light and jumped on board so to speak.


This post is going to serve more as an ‘Open Letter’ to all of the friends, colleagues and family members around the globe whom question your love for plane simulator games. Next time they ask you what you see in these ‘boring video games,’ feel free to direct them here so they can be schooled!

plane simulator games explained


Dear Non-Pilots,


Believe it or not, everyone finds joy in different things and it is this diversity that makes us all individuals.


You know the intense rush of adrenaline you receive when your team’s quarterback throws an unbelievable ‘hail Mary’ with seconds to go to steal a victory?


You know the giddy feeling you get when you pass a bargain that is almost too good to be true yet is sitting right there in front of you?


Well, that’s what we feel when we climb into the cockpit of an expertly recreated aircraft cockpit. These virtual planes take practice, patience and legitimate levels of skill to master and keep in the air. Excitement and enthusiasm doesn’t need to be restricted to things that mainstream people consider to be ‘cool.’


Flight simulator games might not be as widely recognized and adopted as Facebook and Twitter but they’re equally – if not more – entertaining then both of them put together.


If you want to know ‘what the fuss is all about’ regarding flight sims and why we love to escape into them, take a minute to click on the following link and look at the virtual pilot 3D review that I’ve penned exclusively for this site; you’ll quickly understand there is a lot more to this genre than the ‘boring video game’ you once thought it was!






Now if you guys want to pass this on to people you know, feel free! Once they’re convinced, get them to view the links/resources page so they too can be in the air ASAP!


Why the Best Flight Simulator Crashes Make Me Smile

Posted by Darcy on April 16, 2013 at 4:05 AM

I’ll admit that I do get a kick out of something a little strange when it comes to playing flight simulator games.


Everyone knows just how (seemingly) infinite the replay and entertainment value is in these types of games; you can fly anywhere in the world, land in over 25,000 airports and can choose from literally hundreds and hundreds of aircraft to pilot.


Keeping that in mind it does come across a little odd when I share with my friends and family who are also flight simulator game lovers that part of the experience I get the most enjoyment (and the most laughs,) from is recording and watching my most epic crashes!


I know what you’re sitting there thinking; ‘Darcy, you’re out of your mind! Crashing is the most FRUSTRATING thing to happen in a flight simulator!”

best flight simulator crashes


You’re certainly not wrong there; crashing can be a nightmare, especially when you’re just learning the ropes of a new sim and it feels like you’re never going to master the aircraft you want to fly. Trust me though, if you’re willing to have a chuckle at your on-screen mistakes then you’ll begin to notice how truly ‘Hollywood’ a lot of the ‘crash and burn’ scenarios can be!


A lot of the best flight simulator titles now offer recording your flights and saving them for viewing later on. This feature is obviously included to help you study your previous journeys in order to hone your craft and become a better virtual pilot. You shouldn’t look past the temptation to use this feature for a bit of a chuckle, however, if you do end up falling unexpectedly out of the sky.


Nobody likes to put their foot in it and fail while out on a virtual flight, especially one that has been going for a while, but next time you find yourself in a tricky situation that doesn’t end the way you would have hoped, don’t just delete the resulting clip in anger; take a look and have a laugh or two.


After all, it’s only a game...right?


What are you like when it comes to unexpected and premature landings? Do you fly off (pardon the pun,) in a rage or do you simply accept (and perhaps even admire) the massive mess that you’ve managed to make?


Take a minute to learn more about what flight simulator games allow you to record your flights in my links/resources page – click here now.


Where to Fly in Flight Simulator Games

Posted by Darcy on April 15, 2013 at 5:35 AM

One of the more appealing aspects of a great flight simulator can be found in the fact that it presents its players with the ability to visit almost anywhere in the world.


The vast majority – if not all of the top-line flight simulators available now have an ‘open world’ type set up where you can literally plot a course and pilot any aircraft of your choosing to any number of brilliant, breath-taking and real-life locations. We’re no longer limited to enjoying the scenery of fictitious landscapes.


Naturally with so much variety available to those who take part in the airplane simulator experience, it can be a little tricky to decide exactly where it is you’d like to fly first.


Are you the type of pilot that wants to make a direct path to the Eifel Tower in Paris, France?


Maybe you’re more of a history buff and you’d like to use your freshly laminated virtual pilot’s license to take you over the pyramids in Egypt?


Perhaps you’d just a kick out of flying around your local area – imagine flying a plane over your own home! Flight simulator games have opened that surreal experience and have placed it directly within reach.


The beautiful thing about this genre of games is the nowadays, you’re not restricted to visiting the most memorable and noteworthy landmarks. It is entirely possible for you to pick any town, at random and go and visit it via your PC or laptop. The variety of locations that have been introduced to flight sim titles – even just over the last 5 or so years – is stunning. When you add to all of that the fact that graphics are crisper and more vivid than even and you’re in for a real treat no matter where you choose to go.

where to fly in flight simulator games


For those playing at home and wondering where my favourite place to fly is, I’m more than happy to share that with you.


It might be a clichéd and some people might debate with me, however, as far as I’m concerned there is nothing more exciting and breathtaking in a flight sim than to take to the skies and fly over the amazing Las Vegas at night time. If you’re a flight simulator player who is new to the genre, please do yourself a favour and make it one of the first things you do. If you’re a long-time player and haven’t visited, then you have a new destination just waiting for you to take flight!


Everyone has their opinions and I’d love to know more about yours! Where is your favourite virtual location to visit? Is there anywhere that you’d like to fly but haven’t yet gotten around to it? Let me know!


Learn more about the staggering amount of locations available to visit in flight simulators nowadays, head on over to my links/resources page right now!


Flight Simulator Gamer Demographics

Posted by Darcy on April 9, 2013 at 6:00 AM

Many are often surprised when they discover the overall demographic of the type of people who enjoy taking some time out to play a flight simulator game.

The common conception with video game in general often centres around the thought and belief that the industry is a ‘young man’s’ game and that the typical ‘gamer’ falls into the category of the 18 – 35 year old single male with the occasional female thrown in for good measure.

That couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to airplane games though:

The stereotype of the PC gamer is shattered into pieces when you take a look at the type of people who take to the skies in virtual aircraft on paper:

• Around 60-70% of flight simulator enthusiasts are male there are a whole host of females who also love the genre too.

• The average age of a virtual pilot comes in at over 35+ years old in more than 50% of the people surveyed! So you can see why people who aren’t familiar with our favourite type of game can be taken aback by who it appeals to most and on what a large frequency too.

• Slightly over 60% of flight simulator lovers are also not parents. Perhaps that just means that they get more time to hone their skills than the rest of us, huh?

flight simulator demographics

I think it’s refreshing to see – in numbers – just how the humble flight sim has shattered the stereotypes surrounding video games and has genuinely opened up what is usually a tight-knit industry for more and more individuals to try and fall in love with.

All of these statistics, of course, are based on one specific set of data and are in no way concrete. There are always exceptions to every rule, however, I wanted to include them today to illustrate the point that the games we love are playing a large part in opening up the industry to a generation that, perhaps, isn’t often commonly associated with ‘having fun’ in the virtual realm anymore.

What are you, my lovely readers like? Do you fit into the stats I’ve detailed above or are you the type to shatter the mould? I’d love to know more!

If you're interested in reading more about the best flight simulator games don't forget to visit my links/resources page now.


Combat or Traditional - Which Flight Simulator Game Style Do You Rather?

Posted by Darcy on March 13, 2013 at 2:10 AM

The whole flight simulator genre is a relatively small subculture when you compare it to other video game categories including shooters, role playing games and, of course, the hugely popular MMO section of the gaming community.


Despite its popularity – which, considering you’re here on this site is not something I need to remind you about – it is still a rather small niche.


That makes the fact that there is an obvious divide between flight simulator game fans even funnier in my eyes.


You see, there are a whole group of fans who love the traditional style of flight simulator; the accurate recreation of the controls and cockpits and the pin-point detail of the scenery. These are the flight sim fans who love the purity that the games offer.


Then you have a slightly different breed of flight sim fans – hence the reference to another subculture – who are more into the new flight simulator games which, more often than not, often a whole bunch of multiplayer options and focus heavily on combat elements and mid-air dogfights in jets and army planes.


Naturally there isn’t one side of the coin which is more valid than the other but I do always get a chuckle out of hearing some of my friends and colleagues argue about which style of flight simulator game is the champion. I’ve heard people argue until they were practically blue in the face about which title was the best flight simulator but it’s never gone much beyond that.


In case you’re wondering, I’m probably more of a fan of the traditional standard of game play with a flight simulator; perhaps that’s because I like to just relax when I’m flying and the slower pace always me to switch my mind off to the outside world.

new flight simulator player preferences


I’m certainly not discounting how fun the combat element of the flight simulator genre can be either, however, because I’ve had some amazing multiplayer experiences with my buddies as well as other fans from around the globe.


It’s entirely possible to support/adore both of the elements equally but I’ve found that most people tend to prefer one style above the other.


This, obviously, leads me to my main question:


Which side are you on?

Learn what flight simulator perfectly combines traditional and combat gameplay elements - read my links/resources page now!


Why PC Flight Simulator Games List Their Features

Posted by Darcy on March 12, 2013 at 4:10 PM

There is little worse than raising your expectations up only to be disappointed in the long run. I’ve had this happen to me a lot in the past – as I’m sure many of you have too – when it comes to the pending release of a video game that has been hotly anticipated.


It’s no secret that I’ve played several PC flight simulator games across the journey but they haven’t been the titles that have ever really let me down that much; with a flight simulator you kind of know what you’re going to get.


Console games are an entirely different animal, however, and I think that’s a reason why I’ve always preferred to shy away from them a little in the past in exchange for the good old PC games.


You know how the story goes, right?


Developer hypes a new title coming out and more-or-less describes it as the second coming. They spruik revolutionary graphics, epic storylines and a whole host of other features that almost sound too good to be true and, sadly, often turn out to be exactly that.


I’m not the type of bitter person who is going to tell you that all console releases disappoint, that’d be crazy but I feel that there is more than enough evidence at hand to prove the PC Games, flight simulator games in particular, have a better track record when it comes to delivering exactly what they say that do.


inside pc flight simulator game

Take a look at the virtual pilot 3D review on this site, for example. This title is extremely forward in what it offers and doesn’t try to keep anything up its sleeve in an attempt to pull off some marketing ploy. You know right from the beginning there are literally hundreds of planes, thousands of airports and a whole plethora of other features. You know this because it’s all there in black and white, as presented by the people who release the game.


I suppose I just prefer to know exactly what I am getting when I buy a new game as opposed to having to squint to see through all the smoke and mirrors.


Do you agree?

Read more about the features of the game I think is the best flight simulator; click to visit my links/resources page now!

Would You Pay for Flight Simulator Games for PC and Additional Content?

Posted by Darcy on March 6, 2013 at 6:40 AM

I’ve been a PC gamer for the most part for my entire life and have only really ever dabbled in console gaming. I haven’t ever been drawn into consoles the way that I have with PCs so when I was having a conversation with a friend recently who is an avid console gamer, I was enthralled to learn about some difficulties they’re having at the moment with pre-owned games within the industry.

flight simulator games additional content


Apparently because pre-owned games are such a big drawcard in the market (remembering the purchasing games and downloading them directly is still a relatively new concept on consoles when compared to PC,) developers are starting to create ‘access codes’ that are one-off and exclusive to the original purchase of the game in question. These codes give the original buyer access to online content and multiplayer options but expire after its initial use. This means that people buying the game second hand have to then pay again to buy a new ‘access code’ if they want to play the game online.


I thought that this was a good idea on the behalf of developers in order to keep earning on their game but, honestly, I think that the entire thing is a little silly to begin with. I could never imagine flight simulator games for PC charging additional fees and stuff to play online if you were to buy the game second hand. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d probably shell out the money if the online features were good enough but I think the consoles have it all wrong by locking their players into these situations.


After my conversation I was even gladder than I usually am to be a PC gamer. I love the idea that I can take the best flight simulator that’s available on the market today – as far as I’m concerned – and install it on as many of my computers as I like, allowing me online access and free updates for life, all without having to pay an additional dime.


As far as I can see this is just another shining example of why flight simulator/PC fans are the smartest gamers out there!



Discover which flight simulator game offers lifetime updates, for FREE, by reading my links/resources page now!

Play a Helicopter Simulator Game with Your Buddies

Posted by Darcy on March 4, 2013 at 1:05 AM

Despite still being only a relatively new concept, I know there is a lot of avid video game players out there today who simply can’t get into a game properly unless it has some sort of multiplayer element to it. This is even the case with lot of console titles and shooters as well as PC versions. Playing online with friends isn’t an added perk anymore, it is a part of the must have criteria and this is very much the case with everything from a modern FPS (first person shooter) through to a beloved helicopter simulator game.


If you happen to be one of the gamers like me who hinges their enjoyment of a title on whether or not you’re able to play it with your buddies (or even other random flight simulator fans,) then you’ll probably love one of the features I wrote about on my review page more than any of the others.


My favourite of the entire list of flight simulator games that are available on the market today offers a multiplayer network feature that pairs you with other virtual pilots from across the globes that are also playing online at the time and allows you to explore the world together which, in my opinion, is an incredible feature.


The pairing system utilizes a built-in Google Maps finder which allows you to easily identify the location of users near you whom may be interested in flying alongside you. If you’re looking for a wingman in your local area then this is the best way to go about it.

helicopter simulator game images


The absolute best part of the fact multiplayer exists in modern flight simulator games as far as I’m concerned; midair, adrenaline fuelled dog fights There is nothing more thrilling in the virtual flight simulator world than battling it out, midair, with a buddy while you’re both piloting some unbelievably powerful planes!



Learn which flight simulator games allow you to play online; visit my links/resources page now to read more!


Flight Simulator Games Should All Be Multi-Licensed!

Posted by Darcy on March 4, 2013 at 12:35 AM

I am no newbie to the video games industry; I’ve played video games my entire life and I’ve even had the pleasure of writing about the professionally – both for this site and for several other guest posts – yet I’m still sometimes blown away by how many games fail to live up to modern-day standards yet somehow still manage to sell so successfully.

flight simulator games with multi-license


A friend and I were having a conversation recently about a new, ‘AAA’ title that he had purchased and was playing on PC (and to my shock and horror it wasn’t a plane flight simulator!) He said he was a huge fan and that the graphics were incredible and that he thought I’d absolutely love it. I told him that once he’d finished playing it he should absolutely lend it to me and I’d give it a shot – after all he’d given it save a rave review.


He was quick to point out to me/remind me, however, that the particular game he was talking about was similar to so many modern titles in the way that they only have one-off licenses, meaning that they can only be installed on one computer and then that’s it.


A lot of people see this as standard practice now for PC games but I still think it’s a load of rubbish. I’m a supporter of games that are flexible enough to give you multiple licenses so you can at least install it on your laptop or another computer within the house. The days of having one, fixed computer at home in the one spot are gone and multiple computers in one household is the new status quo.


When I told my friend that the Flight Simulator I’d been playing to death had an unlimited amount of licenses meaning it could be installed on as many computers as I pleased he couldn’t believe it and was jealous of the flexibility that my game offered that his didn’t. Developers who actually care about the needs of their customers will always offer a multi-use license as far as I’m concerned.


What do you think?




P.S. You can read about a flight simulator game that has unlimited licenses on my links and resources page right now!

The Best PC Flight Simulator is Back on Sale!

Posted by Darcy on February 27, 2013 at 6:45 AM

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not you’re ready to buy a new flight simulator game then perhaps it’s time you hopped off and climbed on over to the right side!


I aim to offer a website/blog that offers all of the information anyone could need when it comes to 3D Flight Simulator games and although I offer all of these articles and posts for educational purposes, occasionally an offer too good to refuse does come along and I think it’d be unfair of me not to pass it on to you guys just like I do every other piece of flight sim news I find.


Those of you who have visited my links/resources page already know the flight simulator that I’m currently playing/having a love affair with so there’s no need to repeat the name of that game here, however, it should be noted that the insane $165 discount that I’ve written about on this blog before that’s being offered by the game’s developers has actually been extended for a short period of time.

best flight simulator sale


I wrote a piece of two a while back about my thoughts on the best pc flight simulator and how newcomers to the genre might like to pick up the particular game that I am playing. At the time I noted that I had snapped it up when it was incredibly cheap and on sale (around 70% off of the original price,) although a lot of people wrote to me saying that they’d missed out on that offer.


It is totally at the discretion of the developers as to how long they 70% off discount is back for, guys and girls, but for those of you who have emailed me in the past and asked if I could write up something if the offer even came back then well, this is for you.


I know a lot of you might have missed out the first time around so if you’re in the market for a new flight simulator game then you should grab what I think is the best while its once again at a limited-time, low price.



P.S. Get more insight into why this flight simulator game is one you need to play; visit my links and resources page now!



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