Flight Simulator Games Aren't Just For Nerds!

Posted by Darcy on January 26, 2013 at 5:15 AM

One of the most common things that I’ve been asked throughout my entire life as a fan of flight simulator’s has been what I see in them. A great deal of my friends and family – many of who are also video game lovers – have struggled to wrap their heads around what I see in the genre and why I have always gotten so incredibly excited when I heard about any new flight simulator games that were about to hit the market.

It’s a misconception that flight simulators are for nerds; this comes from the fact, I believe, that there are no (or at least, minimum) guns, no ‘storyline’ and no cut scenes. Gamers who have only ever played console titles struggle to understand the beauty that comes along with the true freedom of flying around in one of 200+ beautifully recreated aircraft.>

I’m certain you guys – actual flight simulator enthusiasts – have no doubt faced similar discussions with friends in the past. I’ve always likened a flight simulator game to something like olives or anchovies if we’re speaking in food terms.

I know that sounds like a weird analogy but before you think I’ve gone completely bananas, just hear me out!

Like those two very distinct flavours, flight simulator games take a while to get used to. They don’t boast the same ‘pick up and play’ ability that some of the easier, mind-less titles on a console do. You actually have to put in some effort to learn the controls and to hone your skills a little before you can begin to fully appreciate what you have in front of you.

I suppose some of my colleagues and friends are destined to never fully understand the appeal of the genre because they’re unlikely to give it the time and chance it needs to begin to become a flight simulator fan. That won’t stop me fighting an uphill battle though because I’ll forever stand up and tell anyone who asks that a flight simulator game isn’t reserved exclusively for nerds!

To read more about my favourite of all the flight simulator games I’ve had the pleasure of playing, visit my links/resources page now.

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