Which is Better Flight Simulator Software – Download or Hard Copy?

Posted by Darcy on February 6, 2013 at 12:50 AM

Downloading video game software straight to your PC or gaming console after you’ve purchased it has really taken off in popularity of the past 2 or 3 years. It isn’t the newest revelation – downloadable content has been around for a long time in PC gaming terms – but never before has it actually been the preferred purchase method as opposed to actually heading into a store and buying a ‘hard copy’ of a game, complete with discs, covers and all. Most flight simulator software is now purchased online – using credit cards or PayPal accounts and downloaded directly within just a few hours.


I know a lot of video game enthusiasts who still prefer to head into a store and buy their games on-site but personally, I’ve gotten to the point now where I can’t consider purchasing a game unless ‘direct download’ is an option. As far as I’m concerned, the advantages to getting your game instantly (or at least, very quickly) as opposed to heading into a shop or waiting for postage are too many to ignore.


- You wait minutes/hours before you can install your new flight simulator and start flying when you opt for direct download. Opting for a mailed hard copy of any title can take days/weeks to come and honestly, I don’t have that kind of patience.



- You have to juggle and install countless discs when you go for a hard copy as opposed to a downloaded copy and there is nothing worse than having to sit and install a game the ‘old fashioned,’ way. Why would I want my flight simulator games split into multiple, easy-to-lose/scratch discs when I can just get the .exe file sent directly to me?



There are no doubt a lot of people out there who are more traditional when it comes to their flight simulator game experiences but I’ve personally jumped onto the ‘digital bandwagon’ and now much prefer to getting direct download links after purchase – to the point where I’ll actually consider not buying a game unless downloading the content is an option.


How about you guys? Hard Copy or Digital download; how do you prefer to receive your flight simulator software in the modern era?


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