Why Airplane Games Should Be Played by All

Posted by Darcy on February 14, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Modern generation gamers can stand to learn a great deal from flight simulator games when it comes to paying close attention to detail, appreciating the art of keeping your cool and also when it comes to feeling genuine satisfaction from a job well done.


I’ve written a piece of two before about how video games in the modern era are really getting watered down in terms of difficulty. It has even gotten to the point where, in addition to borderline health and generous checkpoints to restart from, some games are even literally providing light up directions on the floor for a player to follow (especially in shooter games,) so they don’t run the risk of getting lost.

airplane games enjoyed by all 

Airplane games are an entirely different breed of video gaming experience and if you’ve found your way onto this site then you’re no doubt familiar with what I’m talking about.


There is very little hand-holding when it comes to a great flight simulator game; you’re given a tutorial, showed how everything works but once you decide to start her up and get into the skies you’re entirely on your own. That is where the attention to detail I spoke of earlier comes into the equation. Younger generations play games where they’re reminded constantly on ‘how to win,’ where in the best flight simulator you’re relying on your own knowledge, skill and instinct.


It’s understandable why some people get frustrated with airplane games but when all is said and done, there is nothing more rewarding in video game terms as far as I’m concerned than landing safely in a massive, masterfully recreated Boeing.


If you happen to have any younger children or teenagers who are in-between games on their console then do the right thing as a more established gamer and show them into the light and brilliance of the flight simulator genre. If you’re already an established virtual pilot then feel free to keep up the good work and enjoy one of the greatest games anyone can play!



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