A MAJOR Tip for Mastering the Best Flight Simulator Experience

Posted by Darcy on February 17, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Flight simulator games can be and usually are very frustrating to begin with. There is no shame in admitting that and I don’t think it takes anything away from the genre by declaring that to be true for most newcomers. The controls can be really daunting (especially on the better simulators that boast accurately recreated cockpits) and the overall flying experience takes some getting used to.


I can’t stress enough, however, that these are the things that make a flight simulator game so enjoyable to begin with! Sure, it can get under your skin when things do go to plan straight away but by sticking with it and polishing your skills; you become a much better virtual pilot as a result.


That brings me to the MAJOR tip that I have to offer all of the newcomers to the flight simulator community and to those who have been around for a while yet am not enjoying the games to the fullest just yet:


Make FULL USE of the in-game tutorials!

best flight simulator tutorials


To the more experienced flight simulator enthusiasts reading this, that might sound like a no-brainer but I’m absolutely staggered by how many of my friends have been talked into playing the best flight simulator (by me, of course) and have given up after no more than an hour of playtime because they claimed that it was ‘too hard,’ or ‘something they just can’t master.’


I often stare back in amazement at these kinds of statements.


“Of course you can’t master it in 45 minutes you goof,” I think to myself!


Developers of flight simulator games go to extreme lengths to make tutorials incredibly detailed. It wasn’t too long ago that these guides were printed in the cover jacket or online only but now, each individual aircraft has its own guided tutorial that holds your hand (if you want) and guides you through the process of turning from a novice into an expert pilot for that specific aircraft.


If you’ve played a flight simulator game and haven’t dedicated a good, solid few hours (at the very least) to polishing your skills via the in-game tutorials then you’re doing yourself an enormous disservice! Go back and take the time to learn the skills you’ll need to help you get the most out of these games.


If you’re yet to play a flight simulator but are hoping to have the best flight simulator experience then follow my MAJOR TIP from day #1 and get stuck into the awesome tutorials; they’ll make the world of difference!

P.S. Learn more about how in-game tutorials and how they aid your flying experience via my links/resources page now!


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