Combat or Traditional - Which Flight Simulator Game Style Do You Rather?

Posted by Darcy on March 13, 2013 at 2:10 AM

The whole flight simulator genre is a relatively small subculture when you compare it to other video game categories including shooters, role playing games and, of course, the hugely popular MMO section of the gaming community.


Despite its popularity – which, considering you’re here on this site is not something I need to remind you about – it is still a rather small niche.


That makes the fact that there is an obvious divide between flight simulator game fans even funnier in my eyes.


You see, there are a whole group of fans who love the traditional style of flight simulator; the accurate recreation of the controls and cockpits and the pin-point detail of the scenery. These are the flight sim fans who love the purity that the games offer.


Then you have a slightly different breed of flight sim fans – hence the reference to another subculture – who are more into the new flight simulator games which, more often than not, often a whole bunch of multiplayer options and focus heavily on combat elements and mid-air dogfights in jets and army planes.


Naturally there isn’t one side of the coin which is more valid than the other but I do always get a chuckle out of hearing some of my friends and colleagues argue about which style of flight simulator game is the champion. I’ve heard people argue until they were practically blue in the face about which title was the best flight simulator but it’s never gone much beyond that.


In case you’re wondering, I’m probably more of a fan of the traditional standard of game play with a flight simulator; perhaps that’s because I like to just relax when I’m flying and the slower pace always me to switch my mind off to the outside world.

new flight simulator player preferences


I’m certainly not discounting how fun the combat element of the flight simulator genre can be either, however, because I’ve had some amazing multiplayer experiences with my buddies as well as other fans from around the globe.


It’s entirely possible to support/adore both of the elements equally but I’ve found that most people tend to prefer one style above the other.


This, obviously, leads me to my main question:


Which side are you on?

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