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Posted by Darcy on April 9, 2013 at 6:00 AM

Many are often surprised when they discover the overall demographic of the type of people who enjoy taking some time out to play a flight simulator game.

The common conception with video game in general often centres around the thought and belief that the industry is a ‘young man’s’ game and that the typical ‘gamer’ falls into the category of the 18 – 35 year old single male with the occasional female thrown in for good measure.

That couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to airplane games though:

The stereotype of the PC gamer is shattered into pieces when you take a look at the type of people who take to the skies in virtual aircraft on paper:

• Around 60-70% of flight simulator enthusiasts are male there are a whole host of females who also love the genre too.

• The average age of a virtual pilot comes in at over 35+ years old in more than 50% of the people surveyed! So you can see why people who aren’t familiar with our favourite type of game can be taken aback by who it appeals to most and on what a large frequency too.

• Slightly over 60% of flight simulator lovers are also not parents. Perhaps that just means that they get more time to hone their skills than the rest of us, huh?

flight simulator demographics

I think it’s refreshing to see – in numbers – just how the humble flight sim has shattered the stereotypes surrounding video games and has genuinely opened up what is usually a tight-knit industry for more and more individuals to try and fall in love with.

All of these statistics, of course, are based on one specific set of data and are in no way concrete. There are always exceptions to every rule, however, I wanted to include them today to illustrate the point that the games we love are playing a large part in opening up the industry to a generation that, perhaps, isn’t often commonly associated with ‘having fun’ in the virtual realm anymore.

What are you, my lovely readers like? Do you fit into the stats I’ve detailed above or are you the type to shatter the mould? I’d love to know more!

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