Why the Best Flight Simulator Crashes Make Me Smile

Posted by Darcy on April 16, 2013 at 4:05 AM

I’ll admit that I do get a kick out of something a little strange when it comes to playing flight simulator games.


Everyone knows just how (seemingly) infinite the replay and entertainment value is in these types of games; you can fly anywhere in the world, land in over 25,000 airports and can choose from literally hundreds and hundreds of aircraft to pilot.


Keeping that in mind it does come across a little odd when I share with my friends and family who are also flight simulator game lovers that part of the experience I get the most enjoyment (and the most laughs,) from is recording and watching my most epic crashes!


I know what you’re sitting there thinking; ‘Darcy, you’re out of your mind! Crashing is the most FRUSTRATING thing to happen in a flight simulator!”

best flight simulator crashes


You’re certainly not wrong there; crashing can be a nightmare, especially when you’re just learning the ropes of a new sim and it feels like you’re never going to master the aircraft you want to fly. Trust me though, if you’re willing to have a chuckle at your on-screen mistakes then you’ll begin to notice how truly ‘Hollywood’ a lot of the ‘crash and burn’ scenarios can be!


A lot of the best flight simulator titles now offer recording your flights and saving them for viewing later on. This feature is obviously included to help you study your previous journeys in order to hone your craft and become a better virtual pilot. You shouldn’t look past the temptation to use this feature for a bit of a chuckle, however, if you do end up falling unexpectedly out of the sky.


Nobody likes to put their foot in it and fail while out on a virtual flight, especially one that has been going for a while, but next time you find yourself in a tricky situation that doesn’t end the way you would have hoped, don’t just delete the resulting clip in anger; take a look and have a laugh or two.


After all, it’s only a game...right?


What are you like when it comes to unexpected and premature landings? Do you fly off (pardon the pun,) in a rage or do you simply accept (and perhaps even admire) the massive mess that you’ve managed to make?


Take a minute to learn more about what flight simulator games allow you to record your flights in my links/resources page – click here now.


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