Identifying the Best Flight Simulator for PC and for You!

Posted by Darcy on April 22, 2013 at 4:45 PM

Everyone who is in the market to buy a new flight simulator game should always consider a few vital elements and factors during their search. Unlike a lot of common ‘shooter’ and other console games, the standard of detail built into a flight simulator by the game’s developers can literally be the difference between a fantastic title and a horrible, sub-standard release.


Knowing exactly what to look for is a brilliant first step, however, unless you’re aware of exactly why these features are important then you’re in danger of falling into the age-old trap of going for impressive-sounding game play options as opposed to genuinely solid additions to the title.


flight simulator games offer challenge



The primary thing you’re told to look out for when identifying the best flight simulator for PC is the controls. How many people though – especially those without prior flight sim experience knows exactly what the means? The controls of all games in this genre should be complex and take a fair bit of tutorial-following in order to get the hang of. If the game you’re looking to pick up boasts ‘straight-forward controls’ or ‘easy to fly’ planes then you know it’s time to keep on walking. New flight simulator games should be a challenge, not child’s play.


Ensure that the flight simulator games you’re looking to purchase are compatible with your computer: this is vitally important and gets overlooked far too much in reviews that I’ve read prior to launching this site. Not all PCs and laptops are made equal so ensure you’re specs are up-to-scratch before making any decisions.


There’s every chance that a newcomer to the PC flight simulator genre is going to become hooked really quickly and find that they want to add on some of the cooler accessories that experienced virtual pilots use. Advanced joystick controls, yokes and pedals are all accessories that can enhance your flying experience; you might not need them to begin with but you’d hate to grab a game that doesn’t allow you to use them should you choose to go down the path later on. Hardware support is very, very important when picking from airplane simulator games.


Remember to scratch beneath the surface when you’re making a decision on your quest to find the best flight simulator. There are so many other things that you should take into consideration; money back guarantees, the amount of aircraft and airports available to choose from and overall appearance and graphics are to name just a few.

Doing your homework and taking the time to make an informed decision is the wisest step you can make. A flight simulator game is something that you’re going to get many, many hours of entertainment out of so it’s reassuring to know that once you’ve made your purchase you’re going to be happy with what you got.


If you are interested in checking out a flight simulator that I think has all of the qualities I’ve mentioned above and a whole host more, visit my links/resources page now for some more info.


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