The Ultimate New Flight Simulator Experience

Posted by Darcy on May 3, 2013 at 7:10 AM

It should come as little surprise that one of the most popular reasons given by flight simulator fans as to why the love these types of games is because of the unrivalled, thrilling experience that they get while playing.


Several 3D Flight Simulator games are quickly reaching a point where they’re getting so vivid and realistic; it’s difficult to tear yourself away from your PC monitor at times as you feel so engrained in the virtual world you’re piloting your way through.


All you have to do is think for a moment about how a flight simulator game stirs your emotions more than most other titles and you see why they’re so popular.

flight simulator game image 

Imagine this for just a second:


You’re soaring majestically, thousands of feet in the air and you’re totally focused; you’re ‘in the zone.’


The safety of the aircraft you’re currently sitting in the cockpit of as well as the lives of all of the passengers you might have on board – depending on which aircraft you’ve opted to fly today, of course – are all in your hands.


Some people might panic when given this much responsibility but you love it; you crave it.


All of the gauges are lining up perfectly and your journey is going smoothly. You savour this moment; you make it look easy but the process of flying this enormous machine is literally sending the adrenaline coursing through your body almost as rapidly as your aircraft is moving through the skies.


It isn’t long before you have to think about touching down but a fleeting second you take a look outside the windows and realise just how spectacular the view really is; no matter where in the world you fly, it always looks amazing from the seat you’re currently sitting in.


This is similar to the feeling that I – and every person who chooses and plays a new flight simulator – feels each and every time they pull on their virtual pilot uniform.


If you haven’t played a flight simulator game yet, or if the game you’re currently playing doesn’t make you feel like this, then you’re absolutely missing out.


Take a look at my links page to read about one of the most realistic flight simulator’s available and make the switch to a better brand of flight sim.


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