Buying a New Flight Simulator and Getting the Best Value

Posted by Darcy on October 14, 2013 at 2:25 AM

When you’re buying a new flight simulator game there are a few things that you should keep your eyes peeled for in order to ensure the title you decide on is the best suited for you and your virtual aviation needs!

With such a large spike in flight simulator games that are currently available on the market these days, sorted the rubbish ones for the gems can be a little more time consuming than it once was and the margin for error is a lot higher.

To avoid the lemons altogether then you should really know what to look for when buying a new flight simulator so I thought I’d share with you some pointers to make sure that you’re headed in the right direction.

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The very first thing you need to look out for is a good, diverse line up of aircraft that’s available for you to climb into. Far too many games these days will sell you the bare bones of a title and then demand that you flesh those bones out with additional downloadable add-ons. More often than not these additional ‘packs’ and ‘updates’ are not worth the money you pay for them and really, is it too much to expect that the game we pay for these days is actually the game we get?

Unfortunately as much as we love the flight simulator genre, it is not immune from some greedy developers trying to squeeze you for every addition dollar that you have in your wallet. You should make sure that the game you decide to buy contains a sizeable amount of planes to begin with that come as standard.

To avoid getting bent over a barrel, you’re going to want to get at LEAST 100 aircraft – a mix of helicopters, planes and gliders – for your initial purchase price. This is regardless of whether or not you’re buying the base or deluxe version of the game!

Fans of flight simulator games are blessed at the moment because the large amount of choice that we have available to us means that we’re able to pick and choose the games we buy very selectively and are usually lucky to play some truly wonderful titles. Unless we’re careful, however, and follow the tips laid out in this article then there is a chance you might end up spending your money on a terrible flight sim and that, needless to say, should be avoided wherever possible.

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