Why PC Flight Simulator Games List Their Features

Posted by Darcy on March 12, 2013 at 4:10 PM

There is little worse than raising your expectations up only to be disappointed in the long run. I’ve had this happen to me a lot in the past – as I’m sure many of you have too – when it comes to the pending release of a video game that has been hotly anticipated.


It’s no secret that I’ve played several PC flight simulator games across the journey but they haven’t been the titles that have ever really let me down that much; with a flight simulator you kind of know what you’re going to get.


Console games are an entirely different animal, however, and I think that’s a reason why I’ve always preferred to shy away from them a little in the past in exchange for the good old PC games.


You know how the story goes, right?


Developer hypes a new title coming out and more-or-less describes it as the second coming. They spruik revolutionary graphics, epic storylines and a whole host of other features that almost sound too good to be true and, sadly, often turn out to be exactly that.


I’m not the type of bitter person who is going to tell you that all console releases disappoint, that’d be crazy but I feel that there is more than enough evidence at hand to prove the PC Games, flight simulator games in particular, have a better track record when it comes to delivering exactly what they say that do.


inside pc flight simulator game

Take a look at the virtual pilot 3D review on this site, for example. This title is extremely forward in what it offers and doesn’t try to keep anything up its sleeve in an attempt to pull off some marketing ploy. You know right from the beginning there are literally hundreds of planes, thousands of airports and a whole plethora of other features. You know this because it’s all there in black and white, as presented by the people who release the game.


I suppose I just prefer to know exactly what I am getting when I buy a new game as opposed to having to squint to see through all the smoke and mirrors.


Do you agree?

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