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Posted by Darcy on April 26, 2013 at 5:25 AM

It isn’t easy to find a flight simulator game that is perfect; in fact, most people would argue that the perfect game hasn’t yet been created. Some have come very, very close but as it stands, no title has received the virtual ‘10 out of 10’ score from the flight simulator community.


There is a game that comes extraordinarily close, however, and the thing that sets it apart from the rest of the back – its many, various competitors within the genre – is the huge array of features that it offers players right from the very beginning.


Some flight simulators games will give you the bare bones, especially those which are free to download or are destined to play in your browser while on a lunch break at work. They’re very basic and aren’t designed to blow your mind but instead exist to keep you entertained for a few hours here and there.


If you’re searching for a more in-depth flight simulation experience though, you’re going to have to look for a much more in-depth game.


Simply jumping into the cockpit of a few planes shouldn’t be good enough in your eyes – set the standard higher than that!


When you’re deciding on which new flight simulator games are for you, keep an eye out for these relatively new features:


• Real-Time Weather Updates – An incredibly well thought out detail that keeps you immersed and involved with your virtual flight journey more than just about any other feature.


• Reasonable PC Specs – You don’t want to have to rebuild your entire PC from scratch just to enjoy a flight; the best flight simulator has reasonable specs that mean its playable on a large variety of computers while still remaining a stunning game in terms of visuals and graphics.


• Aircraft and Airports – A handful of planes isn’t good enough anymore; if you’re looking at a flight simulator that delivers any less than 200 planes and aircraft then you’re looking at the wrong game!


• Free Updates for Life – Don’t get suckered into constantly shelling out more and more of your hard-earned money for additional planes, airports and scenery. Make sure the flight sim you buy comes with free software updates for life.

new flight simulator features 

Many new flight simulator games have a small of features that make them stand out and makes them ‘must play’ titles but very few have all of them in one.


The flight simulator I’m playing at the moment might not be ‘perfect’ but in my opinion it’s hands-down the closest thing to perfect flight simulation that I’ve ever played!


Learn which flight simulator game has all of these must-have features and more by visiting my links and resources page right now!


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